Why is 3D printing revolutionizing the construction industry?

Fast and reliable

Building is a matter of hours.
3D printing significantly reduces construction time, as it eliminates the need for many manual labor tasks. Our large-scale printers can work around the clock, rapidly building structures.

Cost effective

Reduce your construction cost.
By reducing building time, material and waste, construction 3D printing leads to cost savings and minimizes the need for expensive formwork and scaffolding.

More sustainable

Lower construction carbon footprint by up to 70%.
3D printing builds faster, uses less material and produces less waste than conventional construction methods.

Design flexibility

Discover unlimited possibilities.
3D printing allows for intricate and complex architectural designs that are impossible to achieve with conventional construction methods.

What can we build with construction 3D printing?

With our technology, you can achieve exceptional results across various construction applications. 

  • Large scale buildings 
  • Mass production developments 
  • Multistorey buildings 
  • Prefabricated elements 
  • Complex shapes and innovative designs 
  • Use of low carbon materials 
  • Construction in remote locations

14Trees innovative technology improves construction speed, cost, quality and flexibility.