Build with us

Whether you are:

construction company

or a developer looking to boost your construction performance with 3D printing

precast company

aiming to leverage the benefits of 3D printing with parametric design and mass customization


seeking a more cost-effective and sustainable construction method


or local authority in need of support for your housing program and urban development initiatives.

14Trees is here to support your project from design to execution.

Our comprehensive services include:

Assisting in project design and budgeting optimization.

Providing cutting-edge 3D printing technology with our IROKO printer.

Supplying materials through our unique and global network.

Offering in-depth training and sharing our extensive field experience.

Offering robust operational support to help you successfully deliver your projects.

Providing support with local approvals and certifications.

“Through our unique in-house expertise, which includes architects, quantity surveyors, 3D specialists, construction and operations managers, we are able to support your projects from start to completion.”

Alex Coelho| Head of Design