14Trees delivers largest 3D printed affordable housing project to date

Mvule Gardens: printing of phase 1 completed

Mvule Gardens: Africa's largest 3D printed affordable housing project

World's first 3D printed school opens in Malawi

World's first 3D printed school opens in Malawi

About Us

A lot of smart and disruptive construction innovations exist today but they remain in the labs of large companies or start ups. Our mission is to take these innovations to the field, optimize them, and scale them up. So that more African families can live, work and study in more decent, sustainable and affordable buildings.

14Trees is a joint venture company between Holcim, a global leader in sustainable construction solutions, and British International Investment, the UK Government's impact investor.  

Introducing Construction 3D Printing in Africa

14Trees pionneered in the introduction of Construction 3D printing in Africa. We delivered the first 3D printed house in Africa, and the first 3D printed school in the World.
We printed the walls in 12 and 18 hours respectively.


  • Faster construction
    Walls can be printed in 12 to 18 hours, allowing the fast execution of construction projects
  • Environmental footprint reduction
    CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 70% when compared to the conventional construction methods
  • Affordability
    Construction 3D printing can deliver up to 20% savings on construction costs

Mvule Gardens by 14Trees

  • Phase 1 of 10 houses was printed in Kilifi, Kenya, with a total of 52 houses to be 3D printed
  • Each phase will introduce innovations towards greater affordability and environmental performance 
  • Show house open for visits in Nairobi
  • IFC-EDGE Advanced Green Certification obtained

What we do

3D printing of homes

We build affordable homes in Africa, using our 3D printing technology and Holcim's TectorPrint ink. We adapt our designs to customers' needs and ensure that those houses are affordable and deliver better environmental performance. 

3D printing of schools

We have built the first 3D printed school in the World. And the second as well. We have developed a broad range of school designs that are suited for eco-friendly and user-friendly school construction. 

Green bricks and blocks (Malawi)

In Malawi, we are the largest producer of our innovative soil stabilized bricks, Durabric and a producer of concrete blocks. We produce and build homes and schools using those low carbon products. 

14Trees in Pictures

World's first 3D printed school
Our 3D printed in action

Our 3D printed delivering the Africa's first 3D printed house

Africa's first 3D printed house
High quality individual homes

A house built with our solution DURABRIC with Habitat for Humanity in Malawi. 

Opening of Durabric Plant

Our mobile plant producing Durabric in rural areas of Malawi

Mvule Gardens in Kilifi, Kenya

Aerial view of Phase 1 completion

On site with our 3D printing assistants


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