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A lot of smart and disruptive construction innovations exist today but they remain in the labs of large companies or start ups. Our mission is to take these innovations to the field, optimize them, and scale them up. So that more African families can live, work and study in more decent, sustainable and affordable buildings.

14Trees is a joint venture company between Holcim, a global leader in sustainable construction solutions, and CDC Group, the UK Government's impact investor.



Introducing Construction 3D Printing in Africa

14Trees pionneered in the introduction of Construction 3D printing in Africa. We delivered the first 3D printed house in Africa, and the first 3D printed school in the World.
We printed the walls in 12 and 18 hours respectively.

  • Walls can be printed in 12 to 18 hours, allowing the fast execution of construction projects

  •  CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 70% when compared to the conventional construction methods

  • Construction 3D printing can deliver up to 20% savings on construction costs



Mvule Gardens by 14Trees



What we do

Manufacturing Innovative Technologies

Manufacturing Innovative Technologies

We take innovative construction solutions from the R&D lab straight into the field. We are focused on accelerating 3 technologies, which altogether offer a complete range of sustainable and affordable solutins: construction 3D printing, Durabric soil stabilized bricks, and concrete formworks.

Construction of Homes & Schools

Construction of Homes & Schools

From affordable homes, to schools, clinics and sanitation facilities, we deliver turn key construction projects to the highest quality in the shortest time period. We do not only produce our innovative construction technologies, we deliver projects showing the tangible benefits of those technologies. 




Where we operate

  • We are present country wide, with plants in two main cities (Lilongwe and Blantyre) and mobile plants across the country. 

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  • We are implementing Africa's largest 3D printed Affordable Housing project: Mvule Gardens

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  • Smart Diaspora - Global Remittance Plaform For Investing In Your Homeland

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  • Other countries

    We have the capacity to deliver once-off projects in many African countries. Contact us for more information.

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Are you a customer?

Would like one of our houses built, or more information on our affordable housing products and services? We are happy to help. 


Are you a contractor, an NGO, or a company looking to partner with us?

Collaboration is the key for innovation, we currently collaborate with some of the best NGOs, contractors and service providers operating in Africa and alway keen to partner with more. 


Would you like to work for 14Trees in Africa?

We are constantly looking for talentent people to join our team, and service our ever growing demand for affordable construction solutions.