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Durabric & Durabric Homes

Area 29, Lilongwe Malawi
Phone: +265 994 08 80 75
Email: info@durabric.com
Web: www.durabric.com





In Malawi we manufacture high quality Soil Stabilized Bricks (SSB) and Green Concrete Blocks using fly ash waste products which would otherwise be discarded into the environment. Our bricks are branded as DURABRIC and can be purchased directly from the plant. 

Durabric Homes

Our solution to the housing shortage is creating a turnkey solution for people wanting to construct in Malawi. Using our sustainable DURABRIC products, the houses are constructed to a high standard within a pre-defined time and to a committed budget. Our customers benefit with a beautiful finish and high thermal comfort that can be enjoyed over generations - making your house a home.

Durabric Academy 

Additionally, we offer training and support for the production of DURABRIC through: on site safety, block production means e.g. through our mobile plant, site & production optimization and capacity building.







Im Schachen, 5113 Holderbank Switzerland
Phone: +41 58 858 67 48
Email: info@14trees.com
Web: www.smartdiaspora.com




Smart Diaspora

Working with government agencies such as DiFD and BPF, 14Trees is developing a payment gateway which will allow the global diaspora to invest in property back in their homeland. The goal of this project is to accelerate affordable housing for emerging countries by giving the diaspora a trusted point of contact to help support the search of the property oportunities and facilitate the transfer of funds.







Regus Vienna Court, Cresent Road, Nairobi
Phone: +254 72 513 2957 - Jonah George
Email: info@14trees.com




14Trees Homes 

14Trees collaborates with leading SACCOs, and building contractors in Kenya to build affordable housing developments. Working as the project manager, 14Trees commits to construction time and costs before the project begins thus offering stability to the construction project.