Malawi Flood Relief

Malawi has been experiencing wide spread and destructive flooding over the past few months causing an impact on housing, schools and businesses. The low density burnt bricks commonly used in Malawian construction erode with constant exposure to water meaning many houses and schools have been destroyed. This devastation will take the local communities months if not years to recover. 

Help 14Trees rebuild schools in the most heavy hit areas of Malawi. For every $10,000 USD raised we will be able to build 1 school with our stronger Soil Stabilized Brick (SSB) Durabric. To impact more people, 14Trees will be donating all the bricks needed for the school at no charge to the community. 

Together we can not only rebuild communities but we can make them stronger!



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Help Rebuild Malawi

Even if you can only help with a small amount, every bit helps. Donate now through our secure partner PayPal and lets rebuild Malawi together!